::: April 2, 2014 :::

The video for "Different From The Rest" is now available on the Official Hank 3 YouTube Channel. If you are a YouTube user, be sure to subscribe!


::: March 17, 2014 :::

The new video for "Different From The Rest", from Hank's 2013 release titled "A Fiendish Threat" is currently being streamed exclusively at Crave Online. Stop by and check it out - you can pick up the entire CD or vinyl in the music section of 3Bay, as well as all other releases from Hank 3 Records.

::: March 15, 2014 :::

Hank 3 fans - Once again, Curb is repackaging and rereleasing previously released Hank 3 music. The songs on "Ramblin' Man" and any other compilation records released in the past or in the future by Curb Records contain NO NEW MUSIC and all tracks on these records are readily available to the fans through other means.


If you want new Hank 3 music, always keep an eye on this news section and the Music Section of 3Bay.

::: January 21, 2014 :::

Hank 3 recently finished taping an appearance on The Marty Stuart Show. As of now the show is scheduled to be broadcast on May 17 - so get those recorders set!

This marks the second appearance for Hank on Marty's show, the first time was 2010. Hank and Marty are long time friends, and he also appeared on Marty's 2012 release, entitled: "Nashville, Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down".

Pictured below is a photo from this most recent taping. Standing next to Hank is his mother, and next to Marty is his wife, and wonderful vocalist Connie Smith.

::: January 01, 2014 :::

Happy New Year...
There will be some down time for a short period as Hank works on a side project recording. Also in the mix for early in the year (hopefully sometime in February) Hank will be releasing two new videos - each one from his last two albums. One video will come from the last Country record entitled, "Brothers Of The 4X4", and another from his own brand of Rebelcore Punk music, that was entitled, "A Fiendish Threat". After both the video releases and side recording project are completed, a tour will follow - there are no tour dates set at this time.

Again, much respect to everyone who came out to the shows this past year, everyone who bought merchandise, and gave support. As always, keep an eye on the Tour section here, the Facebook page, and Twitter. As tour dates are confirmed, that is where you will find more info.


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